My first Brandless Box!!!

Lifestyle changes, this journey is peaceful and challenging at the same time. But I am humble. No, I am not a sponsor of Brandless so I am not getting paid for this. I am just trying to live healthy. And I am excited to share my journey with you. I am also excited that this company offers organic products, for less. $3 each!! I got 14 things for $40 with free shipping and they are partners with feeding American so with every box they donate a meal!

So what did I ordered?

Here is my list:

(2pk) white Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese

(1) Maple syrup

(2pk) Whole Wheat Spaghetti

(1) Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

(1) Oats and Honey Granola

(1) Maple instant oatmeal 8pk

(3pk) Black Beans

(3pk) Kidney Beans

(1) All purpose unbleached wheat flour

(1) Pancake and waffle Mix

(1)Roasted and Salted Cashews

(2) Bathroom Tissue

(1) Gel Hand Soap Eucalyptus and Lavender

(1) Acacia Handle Silicone Slotted Spoon(free with order! )

OK enough with me rambling! Stay blessed!!!!!


Breaking News!!!!!

A week ago my son and his beautiful wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy!!! Soooo, guess what!! I am a New Grand mother!!! Oh my goodness, words can not explain how I am feeling right now. There is nothing so joyful then to see a birth of one of your children, childrens being born. It is a different kind of feeling, a different kind of joy, a different kind of love.

As my son was crying with joy, as he ran to me and hugged me saying he’s a dad, Words could not explain the emotions I was going through, holding my oldest son who is now a dad. What a true blessing to be there, to be a part of that moment. To hold my grandson for the first time. And Yes he is going to be spoiled, only because I can give him back to my son. And plus that is what grandparents do. And yes I plan on watching him while my kids go back to work. Maybe even homeschooling him. So, thank you for listening. I AM A GRANDMOTHER!!!

Enjoy life and Stay blessed, everyone.

You are not alone.

Today I feel the need to write this brief post. As I have been having such a hard two weeks. I know that there just might be someone who is having a difficult time as well. As I am saying this to myself, I do hope and pray that these words will get to someone and bless them.

It will get better, this that you are going through are just trials and tribulations. It will make you stronger and wiser, so either the next time you go through something similar you know how to handle it or if someone you know even someone you might not know is going through it you can give your advance on how you made it through. This here can even be your ministry to someone. Please all remember that there will always be one person looking at you, either admiring you, or looking for you to fall. Please keep pushing, keep smiling, keep striving, but most importantly keep your faith. Never ever give up! This will pass and it will get better.

I really hope that this was a blessing to who ever reads this…

Shalom and One love.

Child down! Child down!

I had to title this post child down because he’s not a man yet so I couldn’t say “Man Down! Man Down!”😁

Anyways, my little is was not feeling well this morning so he stayed in bed most of the day. I can say this one of the perks for homeschooling him. I can still teach him while he is feeling under the weather. I do not have to worry about the school nurse calling me because the school do not want to get the other kids sicks. I do not have to leave work to get him from school, hey that’s one perk for working at home and home schooling!!

So as you can see, today I feel very convenient that I made the right decision to home school him because last year, he missed a lot of school, my poor baby was always sick and he had and still have lots of doctors appointments but I will blog about that later.

Hopefully tomorrow he will feel better, I hope everyone else had a good day. Good night.


So, today was my first day of healthy eating. Luckily for me, my oldest who is 19 years old. Decided that she would take this journey with me. So she cooked breakfast for us!! Believe it or not it was tasty.

Breakfast menu: Avocado with eggs and bell peppers on whole wheat toast. Oh with a glass of orange juice (not pictured).

Lunch: Fruit Salad

Dinner: vegan fried rice ( next time I will take pictures of all my meals. 😁

It actually filled me up, I was shocked. Stay tune for tomorrow’s menu.

Thyroid disease is no joke.

I have learned that this disease is no joke. I have been dealing with thyroid disease for over 10 years. And I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Lots of bad days or should I say flair ups, foggy memory, loss of appetite,(but still lots of weight gain) hair lost, body aches, etc.

Last week I had a flair up, for a whole week I was not able to do anything because of the pain I was in, So I decided to take my health in my own hands and give natural herbs and natural healthy eating. For one month I will be on this journey, and if helps I will keep it up for the rest of my life this is My first time Sooo… Welcome to my journey. One Love.

Home Schooling is it worth it?

(I’m up at 3am. Went to bed at midnight.)

As I decided for the this year to home school my youngest son, whom have an learning disability, I have came to an conclusion that teachers are not appreciate and supported in the way that they should be.


I just wanted to give a big shout out, so they would know that they are highly appreciated.

Home Schooling is rough, it is not all that glitter and roses that you see on social media or TV. And I’m only 2 weeks in, haha. I know, I just had to laugh at that myself.

So to answer my question at the top, yes of course it will and is worth home schooling my son. He gets one on one, which he needs. These early mornings and late night night’s getting everything ready for him. It’s totally worth it!

Thank you teachers for all that you do, everyday.